The Manduvira Cooperative within its organic program offer different types of services to its producing partners, such as technical assistance in the different areas, highlighting the sugar cane, sesame and the items of self consumption through its agricultural department. The organic certification of the farms, through an internal control system that carry out monitoring and evaluation of compliance with organic and bio-dynamic production standards.

The preparation of soil with agricultural machinery is another very important service that the organization offers its associates, the provision of agricultural inputs for the improvement of production (seeds, organic fertilizers, etc.); The improvement and modernization of sugar cane collection centers and logistical support with qualified personnel to ensure the delivery of the raw material to the factory.

Promotion and training in the ecological production of both industrial crops and other income items for rural families, the strengthening of the agroecological fairs held in the city of Arroyos and Esteros by a group of organized women, members of the Cooperative. Support and cooperation to educational centers of the community through talks and awareness about ecological production and environmental care.