Our Team 

Board of directors

President: Luis Darío Ruiz Díaz

Vice-President: Andrés Fatecha

General Manager: Andrés Gonzalez Aguilera 

Executive Secretary: Teresa Pereira 


Chairman of the supervisory board:

Cap. Antonio R. Orué Silguero

Department Heads

Laboratory Manager: Francisco Casimiro Gonzalez Aguilera

Human Resources Manager: Lic. Lira Aguilar

Head of Export: Pablo Ramon Cachenot

Head of Purchasing: Hector Rivas

Head of Credits: Lic. Inda Garcia

Project Manager: Ing. Alicia Florentin

Head of Agriculture: Ing. Ada Zárate

Head of Gathering: Lic. Juan Jara

Chief Accounting Officer: C.P. Oscar Paredes

Finance Chief: Econ. Abraham Espinoza

Head of Informatics: Lic. Alcides Lopez



Plant Manager: Ing. Arnaldo Molina

Quality Assurance Manager: Ing. Jorge Figueredo