The Cooperativa Manduvira Ltda. Grants its members loans at reasonable interest for useful and productive purposes, especially those destined to the improvement of agricultural production, building infrastructure or for emergencies.

Provide an adequate and convenient source of financing to the producing partners in order to improve the productive infrastructure for cultivation and harvesting of agricultural items destined for export.

Assist their associates by providing them with a fast credit service, to promote a quick exit to solve personal problems or their relatives, and create opportunities to improve the living conditions of associates.

Type of credit:

• Ordinary Credit                    

• Parallel Credit                     

• Extraordinary Credit            

• School Credit                         

• Emergency Credit

• Mortgage credit 

In addition, the Manduvira Cooperative collects savings from its partners and other cooperatives, to place them in credits to their partners or other cooperatives, regardless of their modalities and volumes. Receives savings deposits in sight and in installments, from its partners, cooperatives or other bodies authorized by law to operate with cooperatives, in national or foreign currency./p>