Blanca Medina

My name is Blanca Medina de Ruíz, member number 2305 of Cooperativa Manduvira. I am pleased to share updates on this year's sugarcane renewal, for which I have received unwavering support from the cooperative since the beginning.

Manduvira has played a pivotal role because they provided me not only with sugarcane seeds but, they also provided me with machinery for soil preparation, and the application of fertilizers that significantly contributed to soil regeneration.

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 Thanks to Cooperativa Manduvira and Fair Trade, let's keep going!


I am Hipólito Fleitas Cazal, member number 2648 of Cooperativa Manduvira. I owe 7 hectares of certified sugarcane plots and I am expanding my production with the support of the cooperative.

I want to embrace that Cooperativa Manduvira not only supports me, but all the members of the organization. They provide us with fertilizers and technical assistance from inspectors of the Agro Department, as well as access to credits and machinery services.

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 Manduvirá and IDEAS: a story of cooperation supported by the City Council of Córdoba


Almost 10 years have passed since the first project was developed in Paraguay with the support of the international cooperation call for development from the City Council of Córdoba.

Today, we are going to review and highlight the projects developed with the sugar cane Cooperative, Manduvira.

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Forest Nursery of Cooperativa Manduvira

Plant a tree, plant a hope

In the heart of Isla Guazú, Cooperativa Manduvira has established a beacon of sustainability and environmental conservation: the Forest Nursery.

This nursery, strategically located at our organization's Organic Fertilizer Plant, stands as a testament to our commitment to the environment and biodiversity. We specialize in the sprout of seeds, seedlings, and trees of different native, exotic, and fruit species.  Thereby, contributing to sustainable development and the strengthening of local ecosystems.

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At Manduvira, we are convinced that the best investment we are making it’s towards education. The Manduvira Scholarship represents a great opportunity for our young people to access the highest quality education, which allows them to develop as professionals and serve the community.

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