Fair Trade

Fair Trade Premium

For every ton of organic sugar sold through Fair Trade, the Cooperative receives a premium of $ 80 per ton.

The additional amount is earmarked for a Community fund to enable producers to improve their social, economic and environmental conditions.

The producers determine in a General Assembly of Fair Trade the activities in which they want to invest, from the education or the health care for its children, advancing its businesses until improving the infrastructure necessary for its community.

All these activities are embodied in a Fairtrade Development Plan.


"The Fair Trade award meant a 100% development, thanks to which we were able to grow and then evolve as a Cooperative, now we have our own factory and we produce our products independently.It has had a profound impact on my life and that of my children."


Partner of the Cooperative since 1998

Traditionally, 50 percent of the Fairtrade premium is distributed in payments to producers effective to improve their quality of life. The remaining 50 percent is invested in community activities and projects that are detailed in the Fairtrade Development Plan. For more information, visit the services.

Along with the principles of Fair Trade, the relations between the Cooperative and its clients far exceed normal commercial relations. Most buyers provide a 50 percent prepayment of the total sum of their order prior to the annual harvest season, giving the Cooperative the opportunity to begin production and give advance payments to growers without totally depending Of local loans. See projects for more information.

In addition, some clients offer additional investments in the social and economic progress of the Cooperative, for example, with non-reimbursable investments for infrastructure, machinery and equipment.