About Us?

Cooperative Manduvira Ltda

Is a leading producer and exporter of organic certified sugar and Fair Trade in more than 30 countries worldwide. It is located in the district of Arroyos and Esteros, Paraguay.

It is committed to providing high quality products and complying with all the criteria of Fair Trade and organic production both agricultural and industrial. We are convinced that the best way to achieve sustainable and sustainable development is through the empowerment of small producers.

It currently has more than 1000 members who are producers of sugar cane, sesame, stevia, fruits, vegetables and other items of self-consumption.


Our vision

Being a model, nationally and internationally, as a Cooperative organization of small producers for the production and marketing of Organic and fair Trade Sugar and its derivatives, for the sustainable development for Arroyos y Esteros and neighboring communities.

Our mission

We are a Cooperative of small producers from Arroyos y Esteros and neighboring communities, focused on the production of organic and Fair Trade Sugar and its derivatives, with high quality throughout the production chain, we marketour products nationally and internationally. We provide differentiated services to meet the needs of our partners and stakeholders, with a positive impact on the social, economic and enviromental aspects.



Values fundamental:


The Manduvirá Cooperative is a voluntary organization open to all people who can use their services and are willing to accept membership responsibilities without gender, social, racial, political or religious discrimination. We seek that all voices are heard equitably and those of the marginalized and the most vulnerable are strengthened. We value every member of the team and we strive for everyone to fulfill their potential.


Members actively participate in policy-making and decision-making as part of the General Assembly, which is the highest policy body of the Cooperative.


The members of Manduvirá also contribute to and democratically control the capital of the cooperative. One of the most important annual decisions is the vote of the General Assembly on the distribution of the annual Fair Trade premium for the maximum communal benefits. See our annual reports for more details or service for results.


The Manduvira Cooperative is an autonomous self-help organization controlled by members. When entering into agreements with other organizations or raising capital from external sources, it is done in conditions that guarantee the democratic control of the members and thus maintain the autonomy of the cooperative.


Manduvira not only provides education and training to members, elected representatives, managers and employees, so that they can effectively contribute to the development of the cooperative. Manduvirá also provides numerous services to the communities in which it operates.

To inform the public about the nature and benefits of cooperatives, Manduvirá established a daily radio program with information on Manduvirá's activities.


Cooperatives serve their members more effectively and strengthen the cooperative movement by means of cooperative work through local, regional and international structures. This is the reason why Manduvira recognizes its many international, local cooperation and association partners as vital for its sucess. 


Manduvirá, while focusing on the needs of members, works so hard for the sustainable development of their communities through policies and programs accepted by members, from education, health, financial support and infrastructure to environmental protection.

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