Strengthening of the Women's Commissions 

Manduvirá has also partnered with IDEAS for a project to strengthen the Manduvirá women traders commission that produce organic foods, particularly vegetables.

Organic fertilizer plant 

The Cooperativa Manduvira Ltda. Carries out the implementation of the Organic Fertilizer Plant Project (PFO) with the Inclusive Paraguay Project of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock of the National Government approved in 2015, with the purpose of converting Solid and Liquids from the Sugar Mill in Organic Compost for Organic Sugar Cane.  

The main objective of the Organic Fertilizer Plant is to transform the industrial waste from the Manduvira Sugar in Organic Compost of high quality and accessible  to the producers / partners of Cooperativa Manduvira Ltda.

In the biological with the compost, we will have the capacity to contribute to the soil biobial life, and also beneficial microorganisms capable of biologically controlling the pathogens and favoring the healthy and efficient growth of the plants.



The objective of the project is to boost the Food Sovereignty of the sugar cane producing families of the community of Arroyos y Esteros (Department of Cordillera, Paraguay) through the socio-economic strengthening of the peasant women of the cooperative, as measures to improve their development social and your income level. The aim is to achieve, through an awareness campaign on Food Sovereignty and quality family nutrition, the development of the capacities of producing families in sustainable agroecological practices, and with the support and strengthening of an ecological market led by an association of women members. of Manduvirá, grouped in the Committee named January 22, and which are part 10 women and 1 man, all members of the cooperative. 

Through the Cooperation of the City of Córdoba and the support of IDEAS (Initiatives of Alternative and Solidarity Economy), Manduvirá is also in the construction phase of the soil analysis, composition and microbiology laboratory.

The objective is to strengthen and empower rural communities in the province of Arroyos and Esteros and surroundings, particularly the most vulnerable, through actions that allow their positioning within production, commerce and communities.